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Thorsten Finner: Born on 30th August 1980 in Rotenburg (Wümme), married with Catharina Finner since 8th of August 2014.

Love, friends, music, singing, guitar, graphic design @ smp.werbeagentur / work, instant photography, mobile photography, concerts, volleyball, cycling, skateboarding, acrylic painting.

I’ve been in Quadenschönfeld for a couple of dayswith my band Everlaunch to write the second album. Our photographer Caren Detje gave me an instant camera (sx-70) and a few packages of the artistTZ films to take some pictures of the recording. Without any knowledge , I experimented and took my first polaroids. i was so fascinated by that kind of photography because it’s so unpredictable and full of emotions. i spend so much time and monay for buying cameras, film and accessories, but i don’t regret anything!

Meanwhile, I have an extensive archive, which includes about 1.000 Polaroids and it’s growing daily. I like to photograph almost everything. I especially love landscapes, vast landscapes – framed in a Polaroid, wow! In the future, I will devote more of potraitphotografie.  The challenge is bigger than for any other motive! If annyone’s interested in a shoot, please contact me via email!

I love the new Impossible films, especially the SX-70 Color Film. One of my all-time favorites is the PX-70 Color Shade 12/11 – amazing colors.

So far, so good.

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